Te’mexw Treaty Association is a non-profit society formed of five Coast Salish Nations – Beecher Bay (SC’IA⁄NEW), Malahat, Snaw-Naw-As, Songhees and T’Sou-ke. The Te’mexw five member Nations joined to support one another and to work together under one organization to negotiate five Nation-specific modern treaties with the federal and provincial governments in the British Columbia treaty process.

While the Douglas Treaties addressed land and harvesting rights and remain protected for all Te’mexw Treaty members. The modern treaties being negotiated between the TTA and the provincial and federal government deal with a wide range of issues including governance, land, resources and fiscal matters that have changed or were not addressed 160 years ago.

We are proud of the many people that work at the Te’mexw Treaty Association. Our staff represent each of the five member Nations and their communities.


Our treaty process officially began in 1994. However, preceding that is a long timeline of fighting for land rights and self-governance for Indigenous Nations both on Vancouver Island and across Canada. 


Who Is the TTA