Our Key Issues

Each Te’mexw member Nation will have specific issues that are important to it but, generally, the key issues for all member Nations include:

  • Self-Government
  • Hunting, Fishing and Gathering
  • Lands and Waters
  • Fiscal Arrangements
If you are a member of one of Te’mexw Treaty Association’s member Nations - Beecher Bay (SC’IA⁄NEW), Malahat, Snaw-Naw-As, Songhees, or T’Sou-ke, we have a special members only portal of our new website! Be sure to check it out for the latest updates on events, news and important information.

First Nations have the right to govern themselves according to their own traditions, free of the Indian Act. Through self-government, Nations can take steps towards becoming self-determining and self-sufficient.

Hunting, Fishing and gathering

The Te’mexw member Nations have been hunting and harvesting food from the lands and waters in their territories for thousands of years. Protecting this right is integral to   continuation of their cultures.

LAND and waters

The lands and waters have deep spiritual, economic, and political significance for our member Nations. Their traditional territories are integral to their identity and survival as distinct Nations.


Modern treaties would bring many changes to the way the Nations, BC, and Canada interact with one another. This includes how the parties would contribute to the newly defined economies. Knowing the financial impacts of the treaty process is an essential step to understanding how it can benefit each party.

Overview of Negotiations Process

About The Te’mexw Treaty Assoctiation