Outcomes of the treaty process

The Te’mexw Treaty Association (TTA) is negotiating modern treaties on behalf of its five member Nations: Beecher Bay (SC’IA⁄NEW), Malahat, Songhees, Snaw-Naw-As, and T’Sou-ke. The term “modern treaty” is used to distinguish the new treaties being negotiated from the Douglas Treaties signed in the 1850s. Whether or not members decide to vote for a modern treaty, the Douglas Treaty rights will remain.

The modern treaty process builds economic, political and social agreements among the Nations, BC and Canada. Ratification of a modern treaty requires two votes by the membership. The membership first votes on the draft constitution. If the membership votes in favour of the draft constitution, they may continue the treaty process and proceed to a second vote on the treaty. How one Nation decides to vote does not change the outcomes for other Nations. The flowchart depicts the potential outcomes of this process:

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